[CentOS-docs] Wiki Contribution Request

Mon Sep 3 14:04:51 UTC 2007
Matthew Bowman <matthew.bowman at sogotech.com>

Dear to whom it may concern:

My name is Matthew Bowman (Wiki username MatthewBowman) and I would like 
to contribute a few HowTos which I feel others may benefit from. I've 
recently setup numerous highly available services (using Heartbeat + 
DRBD) in chroot jails (I'm paranoid) and feel that many other users out 
there could benfit from my efforts.

I was thinking I could setup one master High Availability page and 
outline the steps necessary for each service. So far I have the 
following setup and working in a 2-node failover system:

Postfix (LDAP auth)
Dovecot (LDAP auth)
Samba (PDC with LDAP backend)
Apache (SVN + LDAP auth)

So far I have BIND setup in a chroot jail and I'm currently in the 
process of moving every other service over to chroot so now would be the 
time for me to document things :-) (and give a little back to the 
community at the same time!)

Thanks in advance and I look forward to helping where I can!
--Matthew Bowman