[CentOS-docs] Re: CentOS-docs Digest, Vol 13, Issue 2

Wed Sep 5 06:56:12 UTC 2007
Rohit Rai <rohitbrai at gmail.com>

HI! Friends,
I have recently shared my experiences while installing CentOS using a single
CD, then creating XEN VMs and sharing YUM repositories and stuff at my blog,
as per feedback I realized that it was to chaotic and full of ramblings and
was suggested to write some how tos.

I from my experience on Net relized that how tos expect this to be a perfect
world and miss ot things that can go wrong and generally will. So I decided
to write introductions/guides to diferent parts of the installation process
in a Q&A format. And to begin with I wrote an article on NFS, which is
available here

Now I need to know about the other questions you might face with regards to
this and any trouble you might have faced during the setup. I expect to
complete it there, and once everyone feels it is sufficiently useful and
well written I want to publish it with the CentOS and Fedora Docs.

Also I want an opinion on the format. I am already working on two more
articles on Using Xen and Yum . ..  So would like to know all your opinions

Kind Regards,
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