[CentOS-docs] Wiki restructure

Fri Sep 28 00:15:02 UTC 2007
Nick Sklav <sklav at teksavvy.com>

On Fri, 2007-09-28 at 01:15 +0200, Dag Wieers wrote:
> Hi all,
> Now that there is an effort underway to improve the look/theme of the
> Wiki. I would like to discuss the content of the wiki.
> IMO there are too many links on the frontpage. With a new theme, the
> News/Events items on top can go into a sidebar, so that will be taken care
> of the news items. I will not discuss them here.
> But currently, there is little structure in all the links/titles on the
> Frontpage and that is, to say the least, confusing.
> I would prefer to end up with a Frontpage that lists up to 7 subsections
> on the front page and moves most of the other links to one of these
> subsections.
> I would propose something like this:
> 	http://wiki.centos.org/FrontPageProposal
> and move everything to the subsections (maybe even move page references to
> fit in these subsections). With a change like this, the wiki will become
> much more straightforward to new users and hopefully will encourage people
> to contribute.
> What do people think ?

Hi Dag

It's nice, but I think that a more enterprise look is in order. im just
stating an opinion and prefer not to get shot over this. but this is
enterprise class os. what i am thinking is more clean and segmented
website. as things are now im just not thrilled with it its good to the
point but nothing eye catching. What im thinking is a total redesign of
the site and wiki, i might not be super qualified for the job. But i can

They should be integrated under the new look, simple to navigate.

my 2 cents canadian ;)