[CentOS-docs] Oracle Install

Tue Apr 22 09:10:22 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>

We have CentOS Forums here:


Akemi Yagi (toracat on IRC) and Fabian Arrotin (arrfab on IRC) are the 
Forum Moderators.

There are a lot of posts there that I find helpful when doing web 
searches ... but we could use more people answering questions there.

Also, we specifically need some people to answer questions concerning 
Oracle database deployment in the CentOS4 and CentOS5 oracle forums:

CentOS 5 Oracle:

CentOS 4 Oracle:

If we have anyone out there who likes the forum format for tech
is fairly knowledgeable and would like to help out, we would greatly 
appreciate help in our CentOS Forums.

Johnny Hughes

Akemi and Alan,

Please see:

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