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Mon Apr 7 23:12:09 UTC 2008
Ned Slider <nedslider at f2s.com>

Akemi Yagi wrote:

> Way to go, Ned.
> Akemi

You're too kind!

Question: I already have the RPMForge/dkms driver installed on all my 
machine(s). How do I best disable/remove the drivers to simulate a fresh 
install for the purpose of taking notes. I can't remember if I had to 
configure anything or if it was just a case of installing the RPMForge 
repo and yum installing dkms and the appropriate nvidia driver. I guess 
I need to rpm -e them and manually reconfigure xorg.conf back to using 
the original xorg "nv" driver? (just checked - I do have a backup of my 
original pristine vanilla xorg.conf using the "nv" driver)