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Tue Apr 8 08:53:03 UTC 2008
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

John wrote:
> Mention of The Xen-Kernel:
> Just a thought here. I never used the proprietary nvidia driver with the
> xen kernel on any install of it I've done. But I beg to know why would
> you even want to run that when you running Xen? If your running Xen then
> your not after video acceleration correct? You after I/O and Memory
> Bandwidth.

I'd like to have xen on my Desktop machine, which has 4GB of RAM. The nv
driver doesn't really work with the card in my machine when using 2

But: Don't even bother to test, the nvidia driver does not work with a
xen kernel. There have been patches floating around, which lead to a
very unstable system.


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