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Wed Apr 9 17:45:50 UTC 2008
Alan Bartlett <ajb.stxsl at googlemail.com>

On 09/04/2008, Ralph Angenendt
<ra+centos at br-online.de<ra%2Bcentos at br-online.de>>
> My second problem is with the source build of all those packages.
> Building from source is something that we strongly advocate against in
> all other support venues (irc, mailing lists, probably also forums).
> And now I let others chime in.

Dong. We had a case in the fora a short while ago of someone deciding to
build, from source, the latest version of python.
Dong. Completely wreaked his system and wanted help in attempting to recover
Dong. I see no problem with a guide offering instructions in building from
source as long as it is thoroughly tested (as I'm sure it will be) and a
warning/disclaimer along the lines of "This is an unapproved technique . . .
blah, blah, . . . and if it breaks your system, you get to keep all the
pieces.", etc, displayed prominently at its head.

Just my £0.02/$0.04.

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