[CentOS-docs] Diskless Clients

Sat Apr 12 01:26:19 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Fri, 2008-04-11 at 20:44 -0400, Max Hetrick wrote:
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> John wrote:
> >> Do you have a workaround for it. IE:Manually? system config netboot is not included in CentOS 5. There is a Bugzila report on 
> >> redhat that I was pointed to that said it maybe released in another version of RHEL v5. I on the otherhand obtained 
> >> the package from the Fedora Core 6 repo. Installed it but have done no further testing than that.
> > 
> >> When I have the time I can validate wether or not the package will work. In theory it should be just fine. Or you can 
> >> your self and add CentOS 5 also to the How To instead of just centos 4.
> > 
> I never actually verified it with 5. I haven't had time to do so. I can
> pull off that line on there about it "should work with 5."
> Feel free to add any notes or change what you can to make it work with 5.

When I get around to Veryfing it working i'll post my findings to here
in the docs list for you.It is your How To you can add the the
appropiate notes on it [my opinion]. You can leave it, should work with
5 because you can manually add the hosts, ipaddys and etc. Maybe someone
else could give an opinion also on that. 

I'd be willing to bet you could copy the cent 4 config files to cent 5
for that aspect of it to work. The actual package makes the kernel image
also.  So it would run the cent 4 image on all the clients. If i'm wrong
please point it out someone?

I do know the rpm package will install and start up on the desktop.
That's as for as I got with it as something came up I had to take on in
the process.

> Regards,
> Max
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