[CentOS-docs] Re: General translation questions

Nathanael Lee nathanael2008 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 13:50:00 UTC 2008

Yes.Of course! I trid so hard to find someone to work together with Chinese


Nathanael Lee 

·¢¼þÈË£º Hao XU 
·¢ËÍʱ¼ä£º 2008-08-26  21:36:40 
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Ö÷Ì⣺ [CentOS-docs] Re: General translation questions 
Nathanael Lee wrote:
> Of course I can join with traditional Chinese translation if you
> like.All Chinese are Chinese,I just want to do it in details. Thanks
> Simon.
Hi Nathan,
Thank you for your understanding.
So we are the Chinese translation team of CentOS, aren't we? :-)
Hao XU
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