[CentOS-docs] potential wiki on encryption

Thu Aug 28 13:53:26 UTC 2008
Chris * <ixeous at hotmail.com>

Hello all,

I posted the whole disk encryption instructions in the forum that has been briefly discussed on the list.  I joined the list per Ned's post on the thread.


I have a couple of questions about the process of creating a wiki.

1.  How does the peer-review process work?
2.  Is there a place to place an article being reviewed that can be modified while being reviewed but not necessarily available to the public?

The reason that I ask the second question is because the posting in the forum is literally my first draft as I was going through the process.  I have found a couple of modifications that need to be made.  The changes that I know should be made are:

1.  The optional step of adding exclude=mkinitrd to /etc/yum.conf should be "exclude=mkinitrd nash"
2.  I switched up my disk device on some instructions to /dev/hda which should be /dev/sda for consistency.
3.  I think that the last 2 steps of extending the encrypted partition to the entire disk could be clearer.


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