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Tue Aug 26 13:23:48 UTC 2008
Nathanael Lee <nathanael2008 at gmail.com>

Of course I can join with traditional Chinese translation if you like.All Chinese are Chinese,I just want to do it in details. Thanks Simon.


Nathanael Lee 

发件人: 徐浩 Simon XU 
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收件人: Ralph Angenendt 
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主题: [CentOS-docs] Re: General translation questions 
Hi Ralph,
> there is someone on the centos-docs mailing list who also wants to (at least) 
> offer a translation of the Release Notes into chinese (simplified in this
> case). As those are subtleties(?) which are completely wasted on a eurocentric
> guy like me.
I don't think this guy is making any sense because there's simply no
difficult for all Chinese people to read the CentOS release notes in
Traditional Chinese.
> Is there a need to do that?
No need to do that. The Chinese language I used to translate CentOS
stuff was Traditional Chinese, which is readable to all Chinese people.
The history of Simplified Chinese is less than 50 years and it is only
used in Chinese mainland, while Traditional Chinese is not only used in
Chinese mainland, but also in Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao, and generally all
overseas Chinese communities (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, America,
etc.) It is true that people in Chinese mainland have got used to using
Simplified Chinese, however, almost all of them can still read and write
Traditional Chinese because it is still used everywhere. At the same
time, the prestige of Traditional Chinese is increasing in Chinese mainland.
>  Is it sensible to do that?
I don't think so. The reasons are:
1) There's no law mentioning this.
2) I don't think the Chinese government would care about this, they are
even now considering returning to Traditional Chinese.
3) Nobody had ever said anything about this since I translated the
release notes into Traditional Chinese.
>  Would you care to join us on centos-docs at centos.org?
>  Is there a possibility to work together (if you want to)?
Yes, I think I can work with other Chinese translators.
> Is there a possibility to do translations which can be read by 
> mainland chinese and taiwanese people without offending anyone politically or 
> personally?
Yes. The only way is to use Traditional Chinese, which are readable to
all Chinese people.
> I'd like your opinions on that and I really think it would be great if you could
> join the docs mailing list.
Trust me, Traditional Chinese is the true Chinese language, for anyone
who is truely Chinese, he would never turn against Traditional Chinese,
because it's the language Chinese people have been using for thousands
of years, it's the very root and essence of Chinese history and culture.
Thank you for concerning about the Chinese translation of the CentOS
release notes. I really appreciate that.
Best regards,
Hao XU
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