[CentOS-docs] potential wiki on encryption

Fri Aug 29 07:04:36 UTC 2008
Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de>

Dear Chris.

First, it may be easier for everyone to follow along if a working wiki is
> posted.  I have made some changes to the document I have which I think
> improve it, but have not posted those changes anywhere that they can be
> seen.  I've also "wiki-ized" the document so it will be very easy to put it
> on the CentOS wiki.

Thanks for your work. You might want to post the result here, first.

> I agree that the article should be in the HowTo section.  As for combining
> the two documents, I think it can go either way.  I think that whether or
> not they are combined should be determined by consensus.  If I were voting,
> I would vote to keep the documents separate primarily because of what I
> think a HowTo should be.  In my mind, a HowTo should allow someone who knows
> nothing about the topic to follow a series of instructions with minimal
> decision making required during the process and end with a functioning
> system.  Perhaps others disagree with that type of cookie-cutter document.

I think you are right on your definition what a HowTo has to be. The merged
document could be placed in this section, I guess.

> The fundamental difference between the two methods has to do with the disk
> partitioning scheme.  The proposed document would guide the reader to have a
> disk with 2 disk partitions, /boot and everything else.  This method does
> not require the use of /etc/crypttab.  In fact, the final product from the
> method of the proposed document would be analogous to adding a bios password
> to the computer and all other workings of the OS remain unchanged.

This might just be an option which could be described in detail in the
merged document. I don't think it makes much sense to have two docs with
'nearly' the same content.

Best Regards
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