[CentOS-docs] HardwareList - webcams

Ned Slider

ned at unixmail.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 21:30:54 UTC 2008

Hi List,

The hardware list page on the Wiki:



"I'd like to see this page as an entry point for hardware that does not 
work with CentOS out of the box or only with some effort. I do not see a 
need for a list which states all working hardware."

I'd like to ask if we can make a small exception to that rule for 
webcams, and ask for permission to start a section for webcams known to 
work with CentOS. The reason being that when researching the purchase of 
a webcam for use on CentOS/Skype, I was unable to find any decent 
resources (specifically referencing CentOS) other than personal 
recommendations from other users. I still seems as though buying a 
webcam for use with CentOS is a lottery although things are definitely 

I'm thinking of a page that details:

Webcam make and model
CentOS version tested under
Driver used, minimal install details (source, RPM etc)
Applications tested with
Anything else relevant

and maybe split into 3 sections for high-end, mid-range and entry-level 

For reference (and those searching on google who may find this), I could 
  get things started with the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 which works on 
CentOS5 with the uvc driver (compiled from the latest source tarball), 
tested with Skype. Karanbir also mentioned on IRC that he'd had success 
with a Philips SPC 900NC.


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