[CentOS-docs] Added BackupPC Guide

Max Hetrick

maxhetrick at verizon.net
Thu Dec 18 20:18:22 UTC 2008

S.Tindall wrote:

> Nope. Maybe someday.

So you're asking me to apply something to a guide which you want, but 
yet to you don't want to offer time to add to the document yourself?

> My view of a HowTo's purpose is to make the described service useful to
> a wide audience.  You don't interact with or administer window$ systems?

Yes, I interact with Windows systems. All my desktop machines at work 
are Windows, however I don't back anything up from them. I use roaming 
profiles under Samba, which is under Linux. All user settings are then 
backed up normally from the Linux Samba server.

> If we limited the HowTos to centos-specific issues, they would read like
> a readme file.  Consider the centos wiki mail HowTos which contain
> significant non-centos information that helps people get their mail
> server up and running securely.

Again, my guide stated it was primarily for a CentOS BackupPC server 
backing up other Linux servers and machines. If you want it to be more 
broad, then add the content that you want. That's the entire point of a 

> Yes, I back up content and configurations on my web and mail servers
> along with my linux workstations using it. Adding window$ and Mac
> clients strikes me as a natural and useful extension.

Ok, so add that part. When I wrote that guide this week, I had no 
intention on needing that aspect. So, if you need it, then write the 
sections and add it.

Eventually I might need those aspects of BackupPC, but for now, I don't. 
Considering that you don't seem to be volunteering your time and writing 
to adding to the page, you seem to be awfully picky and demanding of 
what I spent time writing. If it's not what you want, improve on it then.

For the third time to everyone, if you have something you want to 
change, add, edit, or delete, go to it. I don't know how to be more 
clear that I don't care if you want to edit or add to any of my pages 
I've contributed to.

That being said, I'm personally done discussing this. You don't seem to 
be very appreciative to others volunteering any kind of time to the Wiki.


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