[CentOS-docs] Added BackupPC Guide

Scott Robbins

scottro at nyc.rr.com
Fri Dec 19 13:57:03 UTC 2008

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 01:47:44PM +0000, Ned Slider wrote:

> WRT your point above, IMHO major information (potential show stoppers) 
> such as dist or arch specific notes would probably be best included in a 
> note at the *top* of the document rather than the bottom. I'd be a 
> little miffed at reading a whole document only to discover right at the 
> bottom of the page that there is an arch or dist gotcha that applies to 
> me. IHMO if there are clear advantages to running on a particular dist 
> or arch it should be clearly stated up front.

Very good point Ned.  One can think of an almost comic situation where a
busy sysadmin has to do something quickly, does a quick look at the
wiki, finds the article, starts going through it (yeah, we all know one
should read the whole thing first, but in real life, we're often rushed) 
and gets to the bottom and says, "Oh heck.  That was a waste of time."

(Probably using stronger language, however.)

I'm being slightly whimsical there, but I am serious--respect the reader
and don't surprise them at the end. 

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