[CentOS-docs] Korean Translation of release note for 5.2

bulmoji-centos at yahoo.com

bulmoji-centos at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 01:02:42 UTC 2008


> Let's see if that works with spaces in the wiki name (I
> don't see why it
> shouldn't, but ...). If you have problems editing,
> please change your
> account to YoungHoonPark and mention it here.

I've changed my login name to YoungHoonPark.(just removed space)
Could you see if my login name works again?

> Can we count on you to also translate the release notes for
> 5.3 then?

Sure I can.

> Cheers,



180도 달라진 야후! 메일 - 알아서 척척! 새로운 야후! 메일은 10분에 한번 스스로 새 메시지를 받아온답니다.

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