[CentOS-docs] Contributing on CentOS Wiki

Vitor Afonso Strabello

vstrabello at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 11:24:21 UTC 2008

Hello, I'm Vitor Afonso Strabello and I need to be added as a member into
the Wiki to edit/create some tips and entries on the Wiki.
My userid is VitorStrabello. I would like to contribute on network,
configuration and installation (to begin, I'll post something in kickstart
section on the wiki...) tips/tricks/how-tos, so on at the CentOS wiki. Also
I'm a member of the CentOSBR (http://centosbr.org), here in Brazil. I'm also
have some entries created on the Brazilian wiki. Hope that also will be
useful to yours!


[And maybe... Sorry for my english...]

msn: vstrabello at hotmail.com
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