[CentOS-docs] Screenshot on FrontPage

Phil Schaffner

Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov
Tue Dec 30 16:13:15 UTC 2008

Marcus Moeller wrote:
> Dear Dag,
>>>>> This is to notify that I have put a screenshot on the FrontPage. It is not
>>>>> an exciting screenshot, just a simple default desktop with the browser
>>>>> opened and pointed to the wiki itself.
>>>> hmm, is it possible to at least take the screenshot as a *non* root user ?
>>>> I don't think the goal is to provide wiki users bad habits  :-p
>>> Sure, be my guest. I took this one on a newly installed machine that was
>>> going to be scratched anyway. So I didn't see the point in creating a
>>> user. Little did I know the username was visible somewhere ;-)
>> Hmm, maybe if the artwork SIG has time for this, they (no doubt) can make
>> a more appealing screenshot that is technically and estethically better.

Took about 2 minutes with KolourPaint to "fix" the image to get rid of 
"root", but I lack edit rights on the FrontPage and didn't want to hit 
the list with an almost 200K image attachment.  By the way, the large 
image can be compressed to a substantially smaller (storage) size 
without too much degradation.  Would be glad to supply my hacked version 
on request.

>> I am also not convinced about the black border, but I lack the proper
>> skills to make it match with the rest of the project style.
> I already wrote Al a mail on that. I guess we are going to find a way
> to make it look prettier, but my though still is that a screenshot on
> the frontpage is simply not necessary nor useful. It also does not
> scale well on small devices (try to take a look at it on your e71).

Sure makes the page look bad on my N800 Internet Tablet.  The 
opensuse.org page looks a bit better on that device than the current 
FrontPage, including the handling of screenshots, but is still rather 
heavy on the graphics for small devices.  Checking out the openSUSE page 
"Shop" link did stimulate me to find the Promo Sig's to-do list for 
merchandising branded goods and the included link to


which might be another good idea for the FrontPage, but guess that's 
somewhat OT for this list.

> Instead I would suggest to put a set of screenshots either on a
> separate page or on the 'Download' site.

+1 for a separate page.


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