[CentOS-docs] Re: rpm for r8168

Manuel Wolfshant wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro
Sat Feb 9 20:07:17 UTC 2008

On 02/09/2008 09:33 PM, Akemi Yagi wrote:
> OK, here is another test.  There is another person in the forum who
> needs the driver.  I posted this:
> http://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=12617&start=0#forumpost41521
> Hope this works out for him.
Unfortunately I am very afraid that your advice will not help, because 
you've made a small confusion. My package is good for the 8111/8168 
chipset, but the person who asked for help has a R8169. His needs should 
be covered by Matthias's package

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