[CentOS-docs] Wireless Wiki ??

Tue Jan 8 14:19:30 UTC 2008
Michael A. Peters <mpeters at mac.com>

I went to the wiki and searched for both wireless and wifi and did not 
find anything related to wireless cards in CentOS.
I think it would be stellar to have something similar to the laptops 
page but for wifi chipsets.

I would propose it have three categories:

FOSS chipsets
Native driver but not FOSS chipsets (ie atheros via madwifi)
NDIS Wrapper

FSF has compiled somewhat of a list at

but of course, there's no way to know which of the FOSS cards have 
drivers that are actually in the RHEL/CentOS kernel - and user 
experiences would also be beneficial for people looking for a chipset 
that meets their needs. Having a driver and working well are often two 
different things ...

Unfortunately I do not have the wireless tech knowledge to contribute to 
the wiki in this area, my only wireless experience with Linux is via the 
madwifi driver (works wonderfully in CentOS but does taint the kernel) - 
I've never had to mess with firmware, NDIS Wrapper, wireless 
authentication beyond the very basics - but it would be imho be a great 
resource to have in the wiki.

If it is there, then the search database needs to be adjusted so that a 
search for wifi brings it up - because I didn't find it.

In anyone wants to undertake the task, I thank you in advance. I would 
find it very useful, especially since I am considering replacing my 
laptop in the next year or so and want to look into wireless options 
that don't taint the kernel and "just work" as well as possible under 
stock CentOS kernel.