[CentOS-docs] modern-CentOS-1.7-29

Mon Jan 14 09:43:47 UTC 2008
Alain Reguera Delgado <alain.reguera at gmail.com>

Relevant changes:


  - Resume CentOS mailing list discussion about messages presentation.
    Now we can use two message styles.

	1. Low contrast Message
	||<id="lmimg" :^> attachment: ||||<id="lmtxt" (^> Text ...||
	2. High contrast Message
	||<id="dmimg" :^> attachment: ||||<id="dmtxt" (^> Text ...||
	The following classes are available:
	* class="orange"
	* class="red"
	* class="blue"
	* class="green"
	* class="violet"
	To use a class (i.e class="blue") we can use the following line:
	||<id="dmimg" class="blue" :^> attachment: ||||<id="dmtxt"
class="blue" (^> Text ...||
	If no class is used, then gray color is used.

  - Give 0.5em to locationline margin-bottom. Before this update
    tables that were added at the beginning of the page, as first
    element, were not properly shown due to the short margin
    locationline element has. Now this is fixed.

  - Update image background. Now squares are really over a white
    background. Before this they were over a transparent one.

  - Update comments.

  - It is no grey but gray, with "a" ;). Fix that!.

  - Make pre element not so yellow. Let it as it was inicially.


  - Come back to 10% page lateral margin presentation.

  - Change color on messages left border.



What do you think now, does it could be a candidate for installation ?