[CentOS-docs] Simple postfix/dovecot guide?

Fri Jan 25 12:48:33 UTC 2008
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

Michael A. Peters wrote:
> Ned Slider wrote:
>> Ah, yes indeed. Thanks for the clarification - that completely passed 
>> me over when I set up my system.
>> Any thoughts on mbox vs maildir and pop vs imap. Is there accepted 
>> best practice or is this something best left to the individual users 
>> discretion after reading up for themselves on the individual merits 
>> of each?
> I personally use maildir / imap. I don't know if this would happen 
> with mbox as well, but one of the downsides to maildir is that you end 
> up with a ton of tiny files making tar performance dismal if you 
> decide to make a tar archive.
> I don't remember why I chose maildir when I did, that was eons ago. 
> But I do remember I had a reason. The default was mbox and I changed 
> it. It may have been performance related, but I don't remember.
> As far as why I use imap to access my mail - that's a no brainer, it 
> lets me easily access it from almost any machine running almost any 
> client.
    I had AWFUL performance with mbox on a RH 7.2/uw-imap when the 
number of mails (left in the mailbox) increased substantially (I am 
talking about thousands of them). Switching to dovecot/imap solved that. 
The box is still alive and kicking