[CentOS-docs] Wiki Editing

Fri Jan 25 17:03:58 UTC 2008
Alan Bartlett <stxsl_ajb at hotmail.com>


> > Firstly, in my learning phase of Wiki editing, I inadvertently failed
> > to "check the box" to indicate trivial changes and so my comments have
> > appeared in the Changelog for 2008-01-23 & 2008-01-24. Would you
> > please delete these entries from the Changelog.
> Can't and won't - I don't really see the problem there >:)

It's gone anyway! Perhaps I wasn't seeing straight.

> > Secondly, will you please link my Wiki editing name to my public
> > e-mail address, above, from which I have written this message.
> You should be able to do that yourself (under Preferences) - at least
> it's easier for you than it is for me ...

Found it and done it. Thanks.


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