[CentOS-docs] Suggestions on "I Need the Kernel Source" Wiki pages

Alan Bartlett ajb.stxsl at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 15 09:01:07 UTC 2008

On 14/07/2008, Antti J. Huhtala <ahuhtal4 at welho.com> wrote:
> Looks like "Custom Kernel" HowTo survived "the
> idiot test" by me. One question though: when installing the rpms as the
> last step (rpm -ivh kernel-*.rpm), I get "error: can't create
> transaction lock on /var/lib/rpm/_db.000". That means I should do it as
> root, doesn't it? Perhaps the HowTo could mention this even if it might
> be reasonably obvious that only root can install kernels...

Done. :-D.

The relevant line now reads: "Make sure that you install those rpm files (as
*root*) using either *rpm -ivh kernel-*.rpm* or *yum localinstall kernel-**

Thank you for your careful attention to details, Antti.

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