[CentOS-docs] Re: Create page about rebuilding SRPMS and preparing RPM environment

Marcus Moeller mm at gcug.de
Sat Jul 19 16:03:24 UTC 2008

Dear Russ.

thanks for this detailed explanation of your point of view. I agree on
that it does not make much sense to just duplicate content from other
resources, but to restructure the existing pages.

> A CentOS channel member pointed out a variance from an RFC form, and I fixed
> on the spot, adding attribution, just this week, in the 'tips' hierarchy.

I know that you are working quite hard on improving CentOS and your
own tutorials, but I personally would prefer to see it on the CentOS
wiki, as it would then be editable by other community members. Maybe
it could be an option to name the original author/initiator on the
wiki page.

Best Regards

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