[CentOS-docs] I want to contribute to the wiki

Sat Jun 7 11:27:22 UTC 2008
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Scott Dowdle wrote:
> I just signed up on the CentOS Wiki as user ScottDowdle.
> I'd like to update one page and add a new page... so when a AdminGroup
> user notices and has the time to do the deed, please allow me the
> following:
> 1) Update - http://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/BrokenVserver I would
> like to add an explanation on why some VPSes do not include yum.  I'm
> a long time member of the OpenVZ community and know the reason.

That really does interest me, as I see no reason to exclude yum :)

> 2) New Page - In the HowTos -> Virtualization section - Installing and
> using OpenVZ with CentOS 5

I don't know if you have seen the thread about the Vserver article on
the wiki. If not: Please make it *very* clear at the beginning of your
article that *if* the user uses a non-CentOS kernel, he cannot expect to
get support with that on the normal CentOS support venues. See the
CustomKernel page in the HowTo section on the wiki.

Otherwise go ahead.


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