[CentOS-docs] Opening of the Wiki - Part I

Sun May 18 18:52:44 UTC 2008
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

Ralph Angenendt wrote:

> b) Opening up the wiki
> We had some more or less internal talks about that on Fosdem and via
> mail and on IRC. While the situation we have at the moment keeps
> spammers away, it also keeps away people who would like to edit stuff on
> the wiki or just correct an error on the page, as they have to create an
> account, subscribe to this mailing list *and* get access to pages they
> want to edit or correct.
> Opening up the wiki completely does mean, that we will have to deal with
> spam, so we need an active Editor Group for the wiki - people who get
> mails for each page which has changed (maybe even for comments, see
> above) and check that against our (nonwritten) policy. 

So how would that work - you could post/edit without even having an 
account? I see how that would lead to spam.

I would prefer to see a system whereby a user still needs to register an 
account, but once they have an account they can automatically create and 
edit content. Might that be enough to deter spammers?

Overall, I'm in favour of opening up the process.

> The second thing: I would still like to know about contributors (and
> have contributors "sign" some sort of policy): We do not want to have
> content where people are told to build from sources, to always use the
> most current versions, we do not want advocacy on the wiki.

Agreed. At the very least they need to agree to the Creative Commons 
copyright license.

> I'd like to have your opinion on both things - comments and the opening
> of the wiki - an if you want to be in that Editor team, you can also
> raise your hand now ...

I would certainly agree to moderate pages I have created and/or 
currently maintain, but I wouldn't want to commit myself to being a site 
wide moderator of content (or rather don't *expect* me to moderate other 
pages - if I happen across bad stuff, of course I'd remove it, but I'm 
not going to go looking). I consider this an acceptable consequence of 
opening up the Wiki. If each page has one (or maybe more) people 
assigned to moderate it, that could work.