[CentOS-docs] Opening of the Wiki - Part I

Tue May 20 22:59:13 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

R P Herrold wrote:
> I concur that subscribing to changes should be open to all known site 
> registrants -- but such notification subscriptions have NEVER worked for 
> me, despite a couple debugging attempts, so, who knows if it is really 
> useful.

It's worked for me pretty much since the wiki started, and looking at 
the maillogs I see plenty of emails being sent out to your email address 
as well. Are you not getting those emails ? Perhaps a mail system issue 
at your end, since they are definitely being delivered to your mail server.

>> I agree. I still agree with myself one year ago:
> subscribe to the Changelog is orthogonal to edit rights (the seeming 
> topic of your quoted prior post) -- what are you agreeing to?  ;)

I think the point is that if someone wants to 'take charge' or a page, 
they should subscribe to the changelog and when other people make edits 
keep an eye on those edits.

BTW, I dont really consider your 4 lines ( not half ) of the Java page 
to be any real contribution to the wiki. The Wiki isnt really a link 
pool or a content directory. It should be the main content source.

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