[CentOS-docs] CentOS on the Aspire One

Sat Nov 1 12:07:29 UTC 2008
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

Scott Robbins wrote:
> The Aspire One is one of those netbooks that have become so popular
> recently.  I've installed CentOS on the hard drive model, and have been
> considering doing a wiki article about it, and probably will unless
> there are strenuous objections.  

Go for it Scott. There is already a page for an Asus eee on the Wiki 
under /HowTos/Laptops/ so unless anyone feels the need for a section 
specifically for netbooks, I would think it would be right at home there.

> The objections might come from the fact that outside drivers are
> required for wireless, webcam, sound, and even wired ethernet. 

I think if it's clearly stated that hardware isn't supported out of the 
box and you show how to get that hardware working in a way that's 
consistent with the distro packaging (ie, using a kmod package), then I 
don't see much ground for objection.

It does open the possibility to debate how best to get those packages 
hosted in some form of repository but that may be a topic more suited to 
the -devel list??

> I have an article on my own pages, with a CentOS section at
> http://home.nyc.rr.com/computertaijutsu/aspireone160GB.html
> Note that I used Alan's kmods--I also tested Wolfy's dkms rpms for the
> wired ethernet and they also worked.  I went with Alan's in this case
> because kmods are usually a bit less work and they were the ones I was
> using when I wrote the article.   
> Thanks for any feedback.