[CentOS-docs] Test-driving RHEL Betas

Mon Nov 10 18:34:23 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Dag Wieers wrote:
> You need a RHN entitlement. So that's hardly pushing.
> Look at it from some other angels.
>  - It shows people we are helping to give back to upstream (and not just 
> reaping)
>  - It encourages people to help CentOS as well
>  - It shows Red Hat we are willing to help with Beta-testing
> even when a RHN entitlement is required, showing that we care about this 
> sends a message. And I don't see a big problem with having this on the 
> Download page. It clearly says test-driving, beta's, I put it at the end 
> of the page.
> I think this is different than test repositories where it is much easier 
> to make a mistake on an existing production system.

I think you are missing the point completely. Pushing the beta's at 
someone who comes to look for CentOS as the distro is wrong. they are 
not there looking to help the project or to do a survey on what centos 
feeds upstream, they are there to get the distro, and do whatever they 
want with it.

>> btw, upstream seemed quite firm on not doing so ( my impression again 
>> ) when the same issue was quite hotly contested as a sub-issue in the 
>> fedora-devel conversation about wikipedia's move to ubuntu and 
>> implications / fallouts from that.
> Did they discuss the availability of RHEL Betas during that conversation ?

based on the emails that made it to centos-devel; yes.

> BTW My original change did contain a comment on what I just added.

but lots of other commits dont have comments at all. making it quite 
hard to work out what the changes are. I guess the only way to do that 
is to take a large number of commits, and diff the changes between them.

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