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Fabian Arrotin

fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net
Sat Oct 11 07:23:59 UTC 2008

Spike Turner wrote:
> I posted this to the CentOS list and was advised to post here so here goes ...
> I've looked at the CentOS docs-list as well as the Wiki as I was interested
> in Samba.
> On one CentOS box I've got 3.0.32 (the latest bug-fixed version from Samba.org)
So not related to CentOS  ...
> and on another I've got 3.0.28 (the latest from upstream). The docs look almost
> the same and the docs refer to security = share. However 3.0.32 comes with a
> blank smb.conf making it harder to get a secure server up and running.
Same as above
> Is there a plan for a quick and dirty guide on the Wiki for setting up Samba
> with secure settings as well as TDB rather than deprecated settings?
Afaik, the default now is to use the tdbsam backend and not the 
smbpasswd backend anymore ...
> In tips and tricks there is http://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/WindowsShares
> Without writing a book as someone suggested, a few one-liners could be put
> together in the wiki.
> Spike
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