[CentOS-docs] Review and maintenance of the JavaOnCentOS article.

Sun Oct 5 15:04:37 UTC 2008
Johnny Wahnstroem <jwahnstroem at gmail.com>

Hello everyone!

In a CentOS forum thread[1], I was asked by forum member "AlanJBartlett"
if I would like to take on the care and feeding of the latter (section
3?) part of the "JavaOnCentOS" article. 

Initially, I would like to correct the Sun JDK 1.6 part, which instructs
readers to download the wrong Sun JDK file (there are two, one .bin and
one rpm.bin) for the actual steps listed.

When that's done, I can review and update the other JDK parts as and
when needed.

I have registered on the wiki as "JohnnyWahnstroem"

[1] CentOS 5 - Server Support, "How to add Java support to CentOS 5.2":