[CentOS-docs] Review and maintenance of the JavaOnCentOS article.

Sun Oct 5 21:34:16 UTC 2008
R P Herrold <herrold at owlriver.com>

On Sun, 5 Oct 2008, Akemi Yagi wrote:

> I always welcome people who wish to help make our wiki 
> better and up-to-date.  The java page is referenced quite 
> often not only in the forums but in all other channels.

> You might want to coordinate with MikaelFridh whose name 
> appears as the maintainer of that section of the java 
> article.

I do see such an indication (of a name appearing as a 
'maintainer') of a sub-part.  But MikaelFridh has not touched 
it in months, and seemingly lacks an enabled 'mailto' as no 
envelope appears next to his EditName [ ;) ]. He was added to 
the top for edit rights, did a couple changes, and then 
seemingly abandoned the 'Maintainer' role.  I will remove the 
sub-section 'Maintainer' indication on that section next time 
I am in that page, absent him picking up the torch again.

The revision history for a given page is under the 'info'
button on every wiki page, and perhaps gives a better picture
perhaps of who are tending a given page.

REQUEST: As to the matter of adding edit rights after a 
request here, I would ask that the person asking, affirm that 
they are 'reachible' through the wiki mecahnism, and have set 
up their account with the 'userprefs':
     "Publish my email (not my wiki homepage) in author info"
clicked on, such that this envelope would appear in the 'Info' 

I don't see that we presently have a wiki page describing the 
process of requesting edit rights for persons newly coming and 
seeking such [my 'wiki search foo' may be weak].
is close, but not exactly right

I would add the language I suggested there, or at:


-- Russ herrold