[CentOS-docs] Encrypting tmp swap and home

Wed Oct 15 20:30:31 UTC 2008
Max Hetrick <maxhetrick at verizon.net>

Akemi Yagi wrote:

> According to:
> http://search.cpan.org/~diberri/HTML-WikiConverter-0.62/lib/HTML/WikiConverter.pm#DESCRIPTION
> There is a wiki dialect called "MoinMoin".  Are you already using this one ?

Yes, when I do my converting, I do the following:

html2wiki --dialect MoinMoin my_file.html > my_file.wiki

And, yep, I have the MoinMoin dialect package installed. That isn't the 
issue though. The issue is I'm using h2, h3, and h4's for my HTML. I'm 
not starting with h1 as my top heading for my HTML pages on my site.

So, when the converting is done, it looks like this:

h2 equals === Title 3 ===
h3 equals ==== Title 4 ====
h4 equals ===== Title 5 ====

Everything is working as designed, it's just since I'm starting my 
headers off using h2 as the starting point, because that's how I want it 
to look on my website theme, the MoinMoin headers are starting one down, 
and that's not how you guys want things to look.

I'm sure most would argue, I'm in the wrong because I'm not starting off 
with h1's as my starting point for headers. Again, let's not get too 
worked up over this. I'll just have to spend more time changing the 
formatted text before I copy and paste changes over. It's not a big deal 
to me, and I certainly didn't mean to irritate anyone because of 
formatting on my part.

Long term, I can fix it by starting off with h1's, which will equal == 
Title 1 == MoinMoin style, and I'll re-work my theme of my website to 
make the CSS h1's smaller. That'll make me happy with how my site 
appears, and still allow me to use the converter saving me time on 
posting material to the wiki -- thus making you guys happy. :) For now 
though, can we just drop this, please? I think enough people's time has 
been wasted today.