[CentOS-docs] Encrypting tmp swap and home

Fri Oct 17 12:07:09 UTC 2008
Max Hetrick <maxhetrick at verizon.net>

Max Hetrick wrote:
> To further explain things, MoinMoin starts off headers with = Title 1 = 
> and here's the problem with the html2wiki converter, it actually doesn't 
> convert the h1 correctly with how I would logically think it should work.

I contacted the Perl developer of HTML-WikiConverter-MoinMoin and 
explained the problem. It's definitely a bug in the converter dialect.

The author asked me to file a bug report for him on CPAN, so I did so. 
In the meantime, I'll use Filipe's sed script to get the output needed. 
In case anyone else is using this, I wanted to follow up.

Changes were made to the encryption page, as well as corrections to the 
rest of my pages. When you get a chance, Marcus, take a look and make 
sure the formatting is correct.