[CentOS-docs] CentOS wiki/web changes

Wed Sep 17 17:39:40 UTC 2008
Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de>

Dear Karanbir.
>> Puntal/XOOP or whatever. For me it's really unclear who (but Karanbir)
>> is responsible for the decision which core should be used. I feel that
>> this is something that has to be discussed.
> Absolutely, I am sure lots of people would like to visit the situation
> again. However when this was discussed last it was decided that a framework
> website that is able to handle the core functions would still exist at
> www.centos.org - with a large bulk of user end and community generated
> content would move into sub.sites. eg. wiki.centos.org ( which I started
> after that meeting ), a forums.centos.org ( which is in the process of
> startup, I am aware of the fact that we commited to kicking that off this
> month ), the lang.centos.org sites
> w.r.t core services, that would include the news section, info on the centos
> distro, the mirror network, all centos-admin related stuff and official docs
> ( eg. www.centos.org/docs/ ). The site would also manage and provide info on
> the packages setup, the mirror network and allow for any upstream project
> level contribution[1] into the distro and mirror.c.o. Also web based apps
> would live under the website [2].

That sounds good so far. For me it is (nearly) equal which web app is
used for the .org site as long it's themeable to offer a unique look
and feel. The wiki just have a few advantages: you can do nearly
everything with it, it's very customizable, you can add edit groups
for access control, multilingual sites could be setup easily ...

It's also ok if you decided to use a different backend (for whatever
reason). I am just criticizing that there are no clear decisions
available to the public.

For me it is just hard to help/contribute if i even do not know which
CMS/Forum software should be used.

> To be completely honest, I've really not seen anything said so far that
> would indicate that the plan is a bad one. The one thing that keeps coming
> up is that plenty of people will rant on about the website and the state its
> in, but few will actually offer to do anything about it. Dag even goes to

I really would like to help Alain to set up themeing for .org. We just
need to know what the themes should be made for and have access to a
test platform ;)

Best Regards