[CentOS-docs] proposed changes option

Fri Apr 3 13:42:46 UTC 2009
Julian Price <centos.org at jul17pri.co.uk>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>> I still would like to open up the wiki even more - especially as what we all
>> already have talked about would not require writing macros for Moin, but would
>> require editors to at least say "yes" to the license.
Some thoughts in favour of the current home page granting method:

It works.  I asked for a home page and got one (thanks!)

There may be less work involved in granting home pages manually than 
cleaning off the inevitable spam if it's too open.

Home pages reflect on the CentOS community as a whole (more than forum 
profiles for example) and the requirement that you must have made a 
meaningful contribution before you get one seems like a sensible way to 
deflect the mad and the bad.

(not talking about home pages now)
 > And if we can get comments going as well - that would be fantastic!
If people can't edit pages, the ability for them to make comments is a 
great way to capture feedback and improve quality of the pages, 
especially if the page owner merges the useful comments into the page.


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