[CentOS-docs] proposed changes option

Sat Apr 4 12:10:57 UTC 2009
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Marcus Moeller wrote:
> Dear Ralph,
> >> On top of my personal list is LDAP integration, as we want to push
> >> website v2 a bit.
> >
> > LDAP integration is just a config change, so no big problem. The
> > problem is that website accounts and wiki accounts don't have
> > anything in common.
> At the moment or in the future?

At the moment. And I don't see any easy way to resolve that if there are duplicate account names.

> As the aim should be to create one single backend for all parts of the
> website (News, Forum, Wiki, Planet...).

Yes. Which one is the leading account? Trac? Wiki? Website? 

> Afaik he has also started to write some code for that.

I'm not talking about code. I'm talking about logistics.

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