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Sat Apr 4 20:53:02 UTC 2009
Alain Reguera Delgado <al at ciget.cienfuegos.cu>

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Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Alain Reguera Delgado wrote:
>>> Yes. Which one is the leading account? Trac? Wiki? Website? 
>> Well, I would chose the source where there are more accounts and user
>> information. Based on that we could break those records into appropriate
>> LDAP attributes.
> That would be xoops at the moment. But the bug database also has loads of accounts. I'm just wondering aloud how something like this can be solved.

Seems like there is no easy way to get this done. Lets keep wondering
aloud :D

What applications we have and what of them currently support
authentication through LDAP ?

Then is time to unify accounts. Here some scripts may be necessary but
in cases they don't fit, It would be necessary to ask all CentOS users
to fill a form and get registered in the new LDAP space. That would let
us work on needed adjustments to be sure all uid match.

Note: I haven't read yet how applications like MoinMoin, Trac, Mantis,
... handle the users authentication through LDAP and the user relation
with the content. That need to be clear enough so to save time,
information and define a working road. A wiki page for those things
would be useful.

With all these things in place, we could set a test server to install
all this applications, reflect the real environment, and test how it works.

When things work as expected the system could be put in production.

This is not one's man work. We'll need collaboration from everybody,
from dev-team to users.

>> For example, and because is what I've seen by now, if the accounts
>> source chosen would be Xoops.users we could use the the name field to
>> build a wiki name that could be stored into another LDAP uid attribute.
>> Then point somehow MoinMoin to match that.
> And lose all information about who wrote and changed which article when - or
> even worse give edit rights to someone else. This has to be thought through,
> and we're not talking about a few users in case of xoops and bugs.

Agree. The process need to be defined somewhere with everybody's
knowledge in each area like availabilities, needs, difficulties and so
on, this way we could build a way to go. Something like we did with
forums (http://wiki.centos.org/WebsiteVer2/forums).

Just thinking aloud to spread ideas over the table and so get other's one.

Best Regards,
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