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Mon Apr 13 16:03:04 UTC 2009
Mr dave fernandes <daveandtracy at yahoo.com>

Hello,  when you say create a Wiki account, do you refer to the main wiki page?  I prefer not to since this invites privacy issues.  Is there a way around that?  


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Mr dave fernandes wrote:
> Hello,
>    My name is Dave Fernandes  I'm interested in contributing an
> as a function of feedback I've received on setting up samba on CentOS.

> Username is davecgs.  The article is really about how to deal with the 
> iptables and selinux without disabling them but using them to properly 
> setup samba.  I would of course welcome you guys screening it in case I 
> made an error in something.  I've had the forum do that as well.


You need to create a Wiki account.  Please see 

Step one is:

"Create a login with a username in the format FirstnameLastname"

so it should be something like DaveFernandes.

Reply with your WikiName and where you think your page should live 
(perhaps HowTos/SetUpSamba) and somebody should create it for you with 
edit rights.

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