[CentOS-docs] Authorship and Attribution

Thu Apr 16 21:53:21 UTC 2009
Scott Robbins <scottro at nyc.rr.com>

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 10:21:16PM +0100, Ned Slider wrote:
> Personally, I would think it preferable that communications be openly 
> directed to this list rather than the original author/maintainer of a 
> given page, although I understand the instinct for a user to contact the 
> perceived author.

So, what would you suggeest then?  A link at the beginning of the page,
please send comments, corrections to <insert this, or possibly a
slightly different, list's address>?

As one who has written a few of the articles on the wiki, I would be
fine with that.  For example, on the fora the other day, it was pointed
out that someone had followed my article on KVM and was having a
problem.  I haven't really used KVM in a long time, and was unaware of
this.  When I saw the thread, I checked, found they were right, and
edited the article a bit.  Since then, someone else found another issue
that seems to have changed since the article was written. 

Now, if they posted to the list, there's a good chance that someone
currently using KVM might say, Aha, of course, and fix these issues on
that article.  

With my Aspire One article it's the same thing--I don't use that machine
anymore, so any changes that did or didn't occur with CentOS 5.3 won't
get mentioned unless someone posts on the forums or communicates
elsewhere--such as this list.  

So, Ned's idea is one possibility. 

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