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        Made the changes.  Please check it over if I made a mistake.  
        I tried very
         hard to address everyone's concerns. 
        I decided not to delve too deeply into setting up rights for the users.

Yes that part is confusing see below...
        I felt that was beyond the scope of the article and was easy enough to
learn on your own.  
        My desire is to provide the NOT-SO-EASY to find documentation.

Sorry, what I meant was to write articles that provided information that was not so
easily obtained. I didn't want to include a lot of detail on chmod and setting up the rights of the users
because I felt other articles had already addressed that concern.  However,
if you want me to include more information...I would be happy to do so.

Let me know
"setsebool –P samba_domain_controller on"
Take this out or there needs to be a seperate page referring howto make
a samba domain controller with "winbindd"
http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/SambaDomainControler I can help with
writing it. Any Takers with exp? This is a Win NT Style Domain. The only
way as in "MACHINENAME\USERNAME" Or an option is to wait for
Samba to
totaly emulate a Win 2000 Active Directory Domain Controler.

4. Step 4: Adding Users

Now that we have security taken care of, it's time to add users. For
this example, I'm going to create a user named dave (which happens to be
my name)

useradd dave -d /mnt/data/home/dave

(Notice the -d command). This creates my home directory on the new data
drive AWAY from the operating system. Now you have the best of both

"It is recommended that you establish these rights for each user."

**Ok this is contradicting to what you said above. Useradd does this or
Adduser or the System-**Config-Adduser will do this.

"chown (user): (user) /mnt/data/home/(user)
chown dave:dave /mnt/data/home/dave"

So these two commands are not needed if this is used -
"useradd dave -d /mnt/data/home/dave"

Confusing - 
"chmod 770 -R /mnt/data"  0750 should be enough ???

Should not be be needed *IF* users are added in this fashion -
useradd dave -d /mnt/data/home/dave

"The last action (smbpasswd) adds the passwd to the smbpasswd database.
The actual password file has changed over the years. The latest is
passtb.tdb but its original name was smbpasswd. You can see the
confusion with a command having the same name as a file!"

This can be amended to say also that the *tdb data bases can be backed
up and restored.


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