[CentOS-docs] Authorship and Attribution

Wed Apr 22 05:46:21 UTC 2009
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Good Morning.

> Also, having the Original Author field establishes who came up with the
> first cut, and therefore attribution is covered. However, the complexity
> will come in when pages are split / moved and when content changes
> 'significantly' down the road to not really have much relation with the
> original cut. Exactly how and what definition of 'significant' is
> adopted, is again subject to discussion.

In gerneral I take a look at the original author first, ask him to
accept my contribution or to allow me to edit and if he/she is
unavailable I am going to contact the one who last edited the page.
Works in most cases.

> Also, how long does an 'original author' or 'contributor' need to be
> inactive or non responsive for before they are considered dormant or
> 'past contributors' ?

I am not sure if that' is really necessary.

This discussion is all about credits. If someone really needs/wants
credits, this could be handled through the team page, e.g.

> Johnny's concern about having moderated content came from the fact that
> an open wiki would allow plenty of people to contribute pretty much
> anything ( eg: wget ; ./configure; make; make install ) and we might not
> want to have content of that nature on the wiki. That is where, imho,
> the EditGroup would fit in.

That's true. Also there should be some guidelines that have to be read
before someone is able to edit wiki content. This could be on the same
page as the CC license (maybe two checkboxes that have to be filled
before edit right is granted).

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