[CentOS-docs] drafts tag

Wed Apr 29 16:24:48 UTC 2009
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Phil Schaffner wrote:
>> I put such a notice in my latest draft effort.  Is there a way to 
>> automatically add a draft notice to newly-created pages, like the 
>> automatic description here line?
> Only via Templates which would mean that everybody needs to use that
> template for creating new pages.

yup, it would need to be via the Template. Otherwise its a case of 
changing the content in the translation set included in Moin ( and I 
dont think I'd like to handle 32 languages with translations for the 
strings !! )

We could potentially plumb in a template of somesort into the 
MissingPage content and see if that works.... I'll let someone else have 
a crack at that first though :)

- KB