[CentOS-docs] Proposal: Java HowTo Section

Thu Apr 30 03:38:50 UTC 2009
Sean Gilligan <sean at msgilligan.com>

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Sean Gilligan wrote:
>> In "Wiki Access Request for Java How To's" I mentioned that I wanted to 
>> create a Java HowTo section on the wiki.  I'd like to provide a more 
>> detailed proposal for adding more Java documentation.
>> Proposed Changes
>> ------------------------
>> Sorry for the lengthy background info, but I think it helps explain what 
>> I want to do.
> Maybe someone with a bit better java background than I have would like to 
> chime in?

Russ Herrold added the "special note" on OpenJDK, hopefully he will 
chime in.

Sorry, again for the long-winded proposal.  To make a real quick summary 
of what I'm suggesting:

1) Move the current HowTo to a new Java Section
2) Create a new NowTo for OpenJDK on CentOS 5.3 and later

The current HowTo describes various methods of installing Sun or IBM's 
commercial Java.

OpenJDK makes CentOS 5.3 the first version of CentOS to have a built-in 
Java that is fully compatible with Sun's latest Java.  This is a 
significant change from earlier releases and for most 5.3 users makes 
the previous HowTo obsolete.

-- Sean