[CentOS-docs] Updated How to Setup a Software RAID on CentOS 5

Thu Apr 30 17:11:08 UTC 2009
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Dear Ned,


>>> That's pretty much what the article started with if you follow the long
>>> history of the first thread on the contribution, but the consensus of
>>> the people who commented was overwhelmingly in favor of /boot on RAID1,
>>     ...
>> My response was simply in reply to the 'I can't think of a
>> good argument' comment by 'Ned Slider'.
>> To respond to 'the consensus ... overwhelmingly' remark, the
>> mice also overwhelmingly voted to bell the cat.  Counting
>> noses does not make a bad answer more correct; using raid
>> rather than flat RO /boot partitions is still less robust
> Well it seems you are alone in your view (at present, on this list). I
> have yet to see a convincing argument to change my opinion to not place
> /boot on a software RAID1 where one has chosen to use software RAID1.
> You state 'putting /boot on raid adds complexity' - I disagree in this
> case (for software raid1), it removes the additional complexity of
> having to manually resync /boot if it's *not* on the software RAID1
> every time it's updated, and that appears to be the opinion held by
> others (and the very reason the page was created in the first place).
> Why add complexity - why not let the raid do the work for you. If either
> drive fails the system will still boot and the faulty drive can be replaced.
> More robust, but with additional complexity doesn't necessarily make a
> better solution for new (inexperienced) users. Best practices are
> usually derived through discussion and consensus, something I believe
> this thread is striving to achieve.

I totally agree and also think it's not so hard to handle /boot on
RAID1 even in recovery situations. As mentioned we could add some d-r
sections describing some typical scenarios.

Best Regards