[CentOS-docs] Proposal: Java HowTo Section

Thu Apr 30 17:48:06 UTC 2009
Sean Gilligan <sean at msgilligan.com>

R P Herrold wrote:
> Sean, I think you are on the right track;  I would refactor 
> the java articles into a couple of them in a sub-tree, with 
> a chooser at the head, probably forming on pre/post 5.3, and 
> on Method A and Method B, to better handle sub issues, and aid 
> maintenance.

Thanks, Russ.  I think the Java section or sub-tree should start with 
two articles to keep it simple and not create too much work (for me).  
It will be an incremental improvement and we can always split things in 
to more articles later.

> The 'political' background on Java and the absence of a Four 
> Freedoms freely availabile test suite
... snip ...
> This opposition does not mean I oppose Java and its use; it is 
> just not FOSS.

This would be a reason for some to continue using the GCJ VM.  Thanks 
for the information.  This should (continue to) be addressed in the Wiki 
as it might direct different users to different HowTo's.  Perhaps 
someone will write a GCJ or pure-FOSS Java HowTo that could be added to 
the section.

>   I am pleased to see that the java application I 
> use (also using the AWT) 'just works' under 5.3 with the 
> addition of some fonts; when I have time I'll narrow down just 
> what I need in a minimal install.

I look forward to seeing that.

--- Sean