[CentOS-docs] "TipsAndTricks/ApacheVhostDir" changes for virtual host source files

Wed Dec 16 23:53:45 UTC 2009
Max Hetrick <maxhetrick at verizon.net>

Ed Heron wrote:
>  I see someone has noticed my lack of suggestions or recommendations for 
> placement of virtual host source files...
>  Since there are many places to put virtual host source files, I had 
> intentionally avoided the discussion due to the complexities and to keep 
> the document restricted to a single topic.  I had planned to create a 
> separate document devoted to the discussion.  Specifically, there are a 
> couple of SELinux related issues to work out with a couple of them.  I 
> would start a discussion of the various places to put virtual host 
> source files and the issues associated with them.  Where should such a 
> discussion take place?  In one of the forums or on this list?
>  However, I'm not sure what is meant by " The following section is the 
> approach advocated by its initial author, EdHeron. It is not clear that 
> varying from the approach above is warranted, and by the version from 
> him, does not explain the needed SElinux changes."
>  It appears to suggest my disclaimer, "Another method, for those of us 
> that might have a tendency to 'over engineer', is creating a new 
> directory, vhost.d for example, and putting an include where the 
> configuration, as distributed, has the virtual host example. This 
> retains the position of the virtual host definitions in the Apache 
> configuration", isn't enough to discourage most system administrators 
> from using it or explain my reasons and give a reader a hint that there 
> are other ways, even, from the three discussed?
>  The additional warning against the vhost.d/ section seems to 
> excessively disparage my contribution and discourage other options.  
> Certainly, it could be considered impolite to expand and significantly 
> modify the content of a document when the author is available and 
> willing to make changes.  As well, I seek to improve my documentation 
> technique and by-passing me deprives me of the opportunity.
>  I'd like to know the process that culminated in the changes to my 
> document.  Are there a large number of people reading the document, not 
> understanding it but making non standard changes to their systems, and 
> requesting support?

For what it's worth, Ed, I use the vhost.d container method as well. 
It's what I was taught and shown how to do. My IT manager has been doing 
so for years, and never had issues or troubles. Don't be discouraged, 
although it's easy to do in here anymore.