[CentOS-docs] Merging Documentation and Help pages

Fri Jan 2 10:27:52 UTC 2009
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Jan 2009, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>> http://wiki.centos.org/GettingHelp/ListInfo is referenced throughout the wiki,
>> for example.
> Yes, I knew about that one. Should we move that one now ? What would be a 
> good location for it ? Mailinglists ? Documentation/Mailinglists ?

It's in all ReleaseNotes, on the spanish frontpage, on the fr frontpage
(which isn't referenced anywhere yet, afaics).

HowToContribute is in the FAQs (FAQ frontpage, english and spanish), in
the ReleaseNotes, in AboutThisWiki, in ToDo, on the Events frontpage,
there is wiki:HowToContribute/Packages (which isn't correct anyway,
AFAICS), in ArtWork (where it really doesn't matter), there is
HowToContribute/EditingCentOSWiki, it is in the "General" FAQ, it's in
GettingHelp/ListInfo, in Contribute/, in HowTos/Amavisd - and that
should be about it ...

No idea how to go at that - we have to move the HowToContribute subpages
first (and put a redirect into the old pages, so google or other pages
referencing it don't get upset). 

> For the new names of pages I try to get rid of mixed names like 
> GettingHelp to get a higher Google ranking. Using slashes or dashes would 
> probably be better, but for the whole documentation section I have no clue 
> how we want to structure it in the future.

Me neither - But HowTo and TipsAndTricks still seem logical and senseful
to me. 


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