[CentOS-docs] Merging Documentation and Help pages

Wed Jan 7 18:57:16 UTC 2009
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Wed, 7 Jan 2009, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Dag Wieers wrote:
>> I consolidated to Documentation because that was the most wide-spread, but
>> a consolidation to GettingHelp was possible (as I mentioned).
> right, but I just feel that we should expand on the Docs page to include
> more content, and move Getting Help related issues away from there. We
> could then promote that Getting Help page as an entry point with the
> Docs page being more docs focused.

Ok, tell me how that Docs page should look like. Because how it used to be 
was simply a list of links to Howtos, FAQs, TipsAndTricks. That is no more 
useful than the general GettingHelp page. With the added bonus that 
someone who thinks he needs Documentation, finds that some mailinglist or 
a proper search is as good, or better than the documentation available.

In fact, if I need some information I wouldn't know whether to look in the 
FAQ, go to the HowTos or need the TipsAndTricks, or maybe the Additional 
Resources ??

So the first suggestion, to search is likely the best anyway. If that 
doesn't work he can still go back to look at one of the other suggestions.
(And if the Search results are not good, let's work on that, using 
Google, improve the page names or clean up the wiki)

Personally I think we need to consolidate some of the HowTos, 
TipsAndTricks and Additional Resources, but that is a much harder task and 
something more knowledgable about the whole content should look at.

  - Why is the Laptops page under the HowTo ?
  - Why is the repository information under AdditionalResources ?

> Although, one might argue that perhaps the Wiki homepage should / could
> be that Getting Help page.

Well, I disagree because that was how it used to be. And then we scare a 
lot of people away with too many options. The more information, the less 
is read.

PS I think we need to reorder the tabs at the top as well. But not before 
we restructure the different documentation sections.

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